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  1. Community Support (page)

    Scholarship Donations The scholarships are funded in part by MBA endorsed benefit providers and in part by ... Read more
  2. MBA Mysteries of Medicare Seminar (post)

    As you probably know, Medicare is a federal health insurance program administered by the Centers for Medicare and ... Read more
  3. Your Benefits News: Considering travel after vaccinations? (post)

    Considering travel after vaccinations? As more individuals are getting the vaccine, hitting the road (or sky) may ... Read more
  4. Medicare Webinar (page)

    Free medicare advice for all active and retired Minnesota public employees and their families. Unravel the ... Read more
  5. What You Need to Know About Medicare Part D (post)

    In addition to hospital and medical insurance, prescription drug coverage is also available through the Medicare ... Read more
  6. When to Apply for Medicare (post)

    Signed into law in 1965, Medicare is a national health insurance program created for Americans over the age of 65. ... Read more
  7. What You Need to Know About Medicare Part B (post)

    Are you approaching Medicare eligibility? Whether you’re on the verge of turning 65 or you qualify for Medicare due ... Read more
  8. MBA Open Enrollment Tookit (page)

    Who is Minnesota Benefit Association? Promote our Benefits to your employees! We’re here to make open ... Read more
  9. Registration Successful (page)

    View Benefits Summary Brochure Read more
  10. Minnesota Benefits September Newsletter (post)

    September is Life Insurance Month! September is national life insurance month, an educational initiative to bring ... Read more
  11. Minnesota Benefits August Newsletter (post)

    The School year is around the corner! It’s that time of year again Minnesota. Summer vacation is coming to an end, ... Read more
  12. Cancer Guardian (page)

    Cancer Guardian is a transformative benefit program that can help in the prevention and management of cancer by ... Read more
  13. Medicare Part C: Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Advantage Plans (post)

    When you first become eligible to enroll in Medicare, you have the option of deciding how you would like to receive ... Read more
  14. What You Need to Know About Medicare Part A (post)

    For many Medicare-eligible individuals, enrolling in and using the program can be a confusing experience. Not only ... Read more
  15. How to Choose the Right Medicare Plan for Your Needs (post)

    Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with ... Read more
  16. Minnesota Benefits July Newsletter (post)

    It’s hot out Minnesota and off to the lake we go! It’s hot out Minnesota and off to the lake we go! While a ... Read more
  17. Common Medicare Terms You Need to Know (post)

    Enrolling in Medicare can be confusing, as can understanding your plan even when you’re already enrolled. At ... Read more
  18. Minnesota Benefits June Newsletter (post)

    Summer Pet Safety Summer is here Minnesota, and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. We all love spending the ... Read more
  19. Minnesota Benefits May Newsletter (post)

    Congratulations Class of 2020! Graduation season is here, and COVID-19 can’t steal it’s spirit! Graduates ... Read more
  20. Let’s Make the Best of it Minnesota! (post)

    5 at home activities for the whole family.  If you’ve been inside for days on end amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you ... Read more
  21. MBA Newsletter – March 2020 (post)

    Spring forward! The first official day of spring is March 19th! Whether there is still snow on the ground or sun in ... Read more
  22. Group Disability Insurance (page)

    Group Disability Insurance for MN Townships The Minnesota Association of Townships endorses over 4,500 township ... Read more
  23. MBA Newsletter – February 2020 (post)

    Happy Valentine’s Day from MBA Valentine’s Day is all about matters of the heart. February is also American Heart ... Read more
  24. MBA Newsletter – January 2020 (post)

    The holidays are over and now it’s all about you. 2020 is here and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is ... Read more
  25. MBA Newsletter – December 2019 (post)

    Season’s Greetings from Minnesota Benefit Association All of us at the Minnesota Benefit Association extend ... Read more
  26. Snowshoe Spamming: You think it couldn’t happen to you? (post)

    How scammers are using the Social Security, FBI and local phone numbers to steal your clients money. Old tactics ... Read more
  27. Make your holiday affordable & their dreams come true (post)

    Experience a better way to buy with Purchasing Power, a benefit offered by Minnesota Benefit Association. With our ... Read more
  28. Group Medicare (page)

    Group Medicare for MN Townships The insurance department of the Minnesota Benefit Association is pleased to offer ... Read more
  29. MBA Newsletter – November, 2019 (post)

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Minnesota Benefit Association  With life’s many frustrations in can sometimes be ... Read more
  30. MBA Newsletter – October, 2019 (post)

    Fall fun for the whole family Apple picking, football and pumpkin-flavored everything can only mean one thing: Fall ... Read more
  31. Fall fun for the whole family (post)

    Apple picking, football and pumpkin-flavored everything can only mean one thing: Fall has arrived in Minnesota. ... Read more
  32. MBA Newsletter – September, 2019 (post)

    Having a successful start to the new school year  As we say goodbye to summer afternoons and family vacations, we ... Read more
  33. Having a successful start to the new school year  (post)

    As we say goodbye to summer afternoons and family vacations, we must get back into our routines as kids head back ... Read more
  34. Open Enrollment is upon us  (post)

    Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is coming up on October 15, the Minnesota Benefit Association wants to ... Read more
  35. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (post)

    September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Each September, Life Happens, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ... Read more
  36. Prep for flu season (post)

    Flu season is once again rearing its head, so it’s never too early to get your flu shot. The Centers for ... Read more
  37. MBA Newsletter – April 2019 (post)

    Springtime brings more opportunities to be active It’s finally spring (minus the foot or so of snow we are ... Read more
  38. MBA Newsletter – March 2019 (post)

    March Madness Starts Soon! If college basketball is your thing, you must be as excited as we are for March Madness! ... Read more
  39. MBA Newsletter – February 2019 (post)

    Happy Valentine’s Day from MBA Valentine’s Day is all about matters of the heart. Speaking of the ... Read more
  40. MBA Member Exclusive: Service Saves (post)

    LeaderOne Financial is pleased to introduce the “Service Saves” program available to all members of the Minnesota ... Read more
  41. MBA Newsletter – January 2019 (post)

    Happy New Year from the MBA! Welcome to the new year Minnesotans!  Can you believe it’s finally here?  ... Read more
  42. MBA Newsletter – December 2018 (post)

    Happy Holidays from the MBA! We here at the Minnesota Benefit Association wanted to wish you a heartfelt and ... Read more
  43. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter – November (post)

    Winter is Coming… Thank you for everything you do for your communities, it is our honor to serve those that ... Read more
  44. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter – October, 2018 (post)

    October! Mwuhahaha! Minnesotans, it’s October! Time to get started on planning for Halloween! It’s a ... Read more
  45. Medicare Cost Plan Transition (post)

    Now that the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is upon us, the Minnesota Benefit Association wants to ensure ... Read more
  46. MBA Newsletter: Falling into Autumn – September, 2018 (post)

    Welcoming Fall Minnesotans, here we are in the middle of September, we hope you were able to enjoy the state fair ... Read more
  47. Minnesota Benefits Association Newsletter – August 2018 (post)

    Last Minute Summer Ideas! Minnesotans, here we are in the middle of August, can you believe it?  I know we have all ... Read more
  48. Summer tick safety (post)

    As we play outside more, we urge you to be wary of your surroundings, especially in wooded areas or places with ... Read more
  49. Take a Hike! (post)

    Minnesotans, have you gotten outside yet?  Now that warm weather is upon us, we at the MBA urge you to consider ... Read more
  50. Summer Time is soon upon us! (post)

    For most seasoned Minnesotans, getting outside this summer after the long winter is the first thing on their ... Read more
  51. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter (post)

    Summer Time is soon upon us! For most seasoned Minnesotans, getting outside this summer after the long winter is ... Read more
  52. Summer Pet Safety (post)

    Summer heat can affect your pet, just as much as you. According to the Pet Health Network, “there are some ... Read more
  53. MBA Blog (page)

    Read more
  54. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter – March 2018 (post)

    The 2018 College Scholarship program with the Minnesota Benefit Association is underway.  If you, your child, or ... Read more
  55. Privacy Policy (page)

    Introduction Minnesota Benefit Association’s mission is to provide benevolent benefits and services to Minnesota ... Read more
  56. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter – December 23017 (post)

    Now accepting applications for college scholarship The 2018 College Scholarship program with the Minnesota Benefit ... Read more
  57. Term Life (page)

     Simplified Issue Group Level Term Life Insurance The Minnesota Benefit Association sponsored Simplified Issue 10 ... Read more
  58. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter – September 2017 (post)

    Are you getting your discounts?  In addition to access to a number of products and services, members of the ... Read more
  59. Township Dental & Vision (page)

    The Minnesota Benefit Association and the Minnesota Association of Townships offers an individual choice model for ... Read more
  60. Dental and Vision (page)

    Thank you for working with the Minnesota Benefit Association and ​Ameritas, the endorsed dental and vision ... Read more
  61. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter – June 2017 (post)

    How is your pet’s health? You hear it every day: pets are members of the family. Now members of the Minnesota ... Read more
  62. MBA Blog (page)

    Here you will find past editions of the Minnesota Benefit ... Read more
  63. Hearing Aid Discounts (page)

    As a member of Minnesota Benefit Association, you are eligible for Start Hearing, a Starkey Hearing Technologies ... Read more
  64. Medicare (page)

    Looking for Medicare? Minnesota Benefit Association, through our insurance administrators,  has helped thousands of ... Read more
  65. CareOptions Membership (page)

    Welcome to CareOptions – A Family Healthcare Advisory Program provided to you and your family by the Minnesota ... Read more
  66. Member Registration (page)

    Register for your free membership! As a public employee you are automatically a member of the MBA after 30 days of ... Read more
  67. HR Services (page)

    Who is Minnesota Benefit Association? Promote our Benefits to your employees with no obligation! We’re here ... Read more
  68. MBA History (page)

    The Minnesota Benefit Association was formed in 1929 by Harold Holister to campaign for a state pension. In 1931, ... Read more
  69. Board of Directors (page)

    The Minnesota Benefit Association’s Board of Directors are current, or retired, public employees or elected ... Read more
  70. Free Membership (page)

    Automatic free membership for all current and retired public employees and elected officials in the state of ... Read more
  71. Mission (page)

    The Minnesota Benefit Association, founded in 1929, is the provider of choice for Minnesota public employees. The ... Read more
  72. Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter-March 2017 (post)

    Minnesota Benefit Association Newsletter New Term Life Insurance for members of the MBA The Minnesota Benefit ... Read more
  73. Pet Insurance (page)

    Nationwide® pet insurance is now available to you as a voluntary benefit! Use any vet For about $1 a day, your pets ... Read more
  74. Health Insurance (page)

    Health Insurance comes in many forms, everything from Individual Health Insurance to Dental Insurance to Medicare. ... Read more
  75. Leadership Programs (page)

    Enhance your culture through leadership development. Your team wasn’t hired to be average. MBA brings Leadership ... Read more
  76. Blog (page)

    Read more
  77. LegalShield & Identity Theft Program (page)

    LegalShield and Identity Theft Program Click Here to Download a Brochure Identity theft can happen at any time ... Read more
  78. Purchasing Power Payroll Deduction/Eligibility Form (page)

    In order to be financially responsible, the following information must be initially collected for a one time ... Read more
  79. Accident Insurance (page)

    Accident Insurance Program When accidents occur, even people with health insurance coverage will often be surprised ... Read more
  80. Group Accident (page)

    Group Accident Insurance for MN Townships MBA Township Group Accident Expense Read more
  81. Entertainment Discounts (page)

    Entertainment Savings & Discounts Coming Soon Read more
  82. Supplemental Health (page)

    Supplemental Health Even when you have health insurance, your unplanned out of pocket medical costs can be ... Read more
  83. Lifetime Income Solutions (page)

    Insurance Annuities The Minnesota Benefit Association offers a variety of annuities from highly rated insurance ... Read more
  84. Contact (page)

    Get in Touch Thank you for your interest in Minnesota Benefit Association. If you would like more information or to ... Read more
  85. Travel Medical Insurance (page)

    Overseas Travel Insurance Many young people today have the opportunity to travel and study overseas. Being sure ... Read more
  86. Group Term Life Insurance (page)

    Group Life Insurance for MN Townships The Minnesota Association of Townships endorses over 4,500 township officers ... Read more
  87. Critical Illness (page)

    Critical Illness Insurance Thanks to advances in medicine, we have a better chance than ever of surviving a ... Read more
  88. Disability (page)

    Disability Insurance What would happen if your paychecks suddenly stopped because you were too sick or injured to ... Read more
  89. Long Term Care (page)

    Long Term Care Insurance The MBA wants to help its members get good advice and fair value in all of their financial ... Read more
  90. Health Insurance (page)

    Health Insurance Apply Now In an ongoing effort to make quality and affordable insurance services available to ... Read more
  91. Final Expense (page)

    Final Expense Insurance provides the security of knowing that your loved ones will be able to cover your funeral ... Read more
  92. Permanent Life (page)

    Permanent Life Insurance is guaranteed to provide you with protection and cash value for you and your loved one’s ... Read more
  93. Life Insurance (page)

    It’s great to have plans, but we can’t predict the future. An unexpected death places enormous stress ... Read more
  94. Townships (page)

    Group Insurance for Minnesota Townships The Minnesota Benefit Association has developed, and the Minnesota ... Read more
  95. Auto & Homeowners (page)

    Auto & Home Insurance As a Minnesota public employee, you are automatically qualified for the low group rate ... Read more
  96. Insurance Services (page)

    Insurance Services In an effort to provide important and needed protection for families of public employees, the ... Read more
  97. Legal Services (page)

    Identity Theft Shield and Prepaid Legal Services MBA members can enroll in Identity Theft Shield and/or Pre-Paid ... Read more
  98. Payroll Deduction (page)

    Why Payroll Deduction? Enjoy the ease and convenience of paying for your member programs and services directly from ... Read more
  99. Mortgage Services (page)

    Service Saves™ Helping Public Employees achieve their dreams,  through the Minnesota Benefit Association. Service ... Read more
  100. Purchasing Power (page)

    Welcome to a whole new way to make purchases An exclusive benefit for members of The Minnesota Benefit Association ... Read more
  101. Financial & Legal Services (page)

    Financial and Legal Services Overview Minnesota Benefit Association has partnered with several financial ... Read more
  102. Scholarship Program (page)

    The MBA Scholarship Program The Minnesota Benefit Association sponsors an annual scholarship program. Over the last ... Read more
  103. Programs & Services (page)

    Membership Benefits Overview Through the years, thousands of members have taken advantage of the MBA benefit ... Read more
  104. About (page)

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  105. Home (page)

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