PPC Purchase Financing Program

Welcome to Purchasing Power

An exclusive benefit for members of The Minnesota Benefit Association

The Minnesota Benefit Association is pleased to announce this unique benefit program, offered exclusively to our members!

Purchasing Power offers budget-conscious individuals an affordable and responsible way to buy brand name computers,  electronics, appliances, furniture and other items through the ease of payroll deduction. We feature brand names such as Dell, HP, Kenmore, Craftsman, Toshiba and more.

All Purchasing Power products feature an all-inclusive price, which includes financing, taxes, warranties and delivery. You’ll know the total price up front and the cost is divided into manageable payments that are deducted from your paycheck over a 12 month period. There’s no ballooning interest, no risk of late fees and no credit check required.

Program Qualifications

    • You must be an active employee with at least 12 months of tenure with an employer group that is eligible for payroll deduction; and an active member of Minnesota Benefit Association, i.e. a MN public employee
    • You must be at least 18 years of age
    • You must be an active member of the Minnesota Benefit Association, i.e. a MN public employee
    • You must earn at least $16,000 a year.
    • You must have a bank account or credit card(to be used in case of non-payment via payroll deduction)

How to Order