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Cancer Guardian is a transformative benefit program that can help in the prevention and management of cancer by combining the power of DNA testing with the personalized support of expert cancer care resources.

As a member of Minnesota Benefit Association, for about $1 per day you can have access to these specialized services not typically made available or covered by health insurance:

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Monthly Rates*

Employee Only & Children
Under age 50 $22.00
50 – 64 $26.00
65+ $30.00
Employee, Spouse & Children
Under age 50 $44.00
50 – 64 $52.00
65+ $60.00
  • Cancer Information Line – staffed by oncology experts, members can ask any cancer related question, discuss concerns, risk-mitigation strategies, or care-giving guidance
  • Hereditary Risk Screening Test – understand your genetic risk for hereditary cancers and for hereditary heart conditions for preventative planning.
  • Medical Records Platform – a secure platform that allows you to store medical records for any condition and share with your medical team at any time
  • Dedicated Cancer Support Specialist – if diagnosed with cancer, a dedicated Cancer Support Specialist (CSS) is assigned to provide practical, emotional, and clinical support
  • Expert Pathology Review – ensure correct diagnosis with an expert second opinion review
  • On-site Nurse Advocate – if diagnosed, an oncology nurse advocate can accompany you to a medical appointment to provide support and guidance
  • Clinical Trial Explorer – personalized clinical trial search, reporting and enrollment platform
  • Financial Navigation – projects out-of-pocket financial exposure and identifies public and private financial aid programs

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To learn more about this potentially life-saving benefit, visit:
or call 833-CGUARDIAN (833.248.2734)

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