Enhance your culture through leadership development.
Your team wasn’t hired to be average.

MBA brings Leadership Development to the Minnesota Public Sector

Leadership is the foundation of growth and success.

In partnership with ThinkGREAT, the  Minnesota Benefit Association brings a comprehensive leadership development program to Minnesota public employees. Elevate the results of your organization by developing the leadership skills of your team, at all levels. The Leadership Connection introduces them to dynamic strategies and techniques that will allow them to inspire, motivate, and influence their fellow team members.

Development opportunities include a four-part series outlined below, or a custom program tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

This program is available at an exclusive discounted rate for public sector employers. Contact info@MinnesotaBenefitAssociation.org to inquire about cost and scheduling.

Erik Therwanger

Erik is the founder of Think GREAT and the author of The Think GREAT Collection. As the vice president of a media company, Erik developed a team of leaders and designed the systems necessary to achieve over 300% annual sales growth. He now teaches business leaders how to reach new levels of success based on his unique experiences as a United States Marine, executive business leader, sales professional, and entrepreneur.

His 3 Pillars of Business Greatness allows organizations to achieve greater results by providing dynamic programs and resources for the enhancement of leadership development, strategic planning, and sales excellence.

Erik has inspired audiences at companies such as US Bank, Sam’s Club, Shutterfly, RE/MAX, Hubbard Broadcasting, Thomson Reuters, U.S. Foods, armed services commands ranging from the Air National Guard to the U.S. Marine Corps, charities like The American Cancer Society, law enforcement and government agencies, and organizations in the health care and education industries.

Perhaps the role Erik has been most passionate about is that of husband and caregiver. Just ten months after their wedding, Erik’s wife, Gina, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Erik left his career in the entertainment industry and pursued a career in financial services, so he could maintain his caregiver duties.

Erik has been Gina’s caregiver through four bouts with cancer and through cardiac arrest. They were blessed with a daughter and Erik shares their remarkable story as part of his keynote speeches to provide long-lasting hope and inspiration to audiences everywhere.