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Who is Minnesota Benefit Association?

Promote our Benefits to your employees with no obligation!

  • Available for any Minnesota Municipality at no cost with no obligation..
  • Free lifetime membership for all public employees after 30 days of public employment.
  • Benefits offered on a voluntary basis that employees can pay through payroll deductions.
  • No enrollment periods, employees can enroll at any time.
  • Should an employee leave for any reason they can take their benefits with them.

We’re here to enhance your current employee benefit portfolio, while not distracting from your core benefit offerings. Our video along with our enrollment toolkit is great way to help answer all employee questions and easily share the MBA with your team. This toolkit contains virtual resources that you can use to promote our benefits to your employees.

The toolkit includes: 

  1. Powerpoint Presentation Slide
  2. Member Brochure 
  3. Member Card
  4. MBA Benefit and Services Handout

Download Toolkit

Payroll Deduction 

Your employees can also enjoy the ease and convenience of paying for their MBA member programs and services directly from their paycheck using payroll deduction services. In just minutes you can set up payroll deduction for your full-time and part-time employees.

Employer Advantages

  • One payroll deduction slot for all the MBA endorsed benefits
  • You receive one itemized bill and send one payment
  • No cost to you, the employer
  • Save your employees time and money