Accident Insurance Program

When accidents occur, even people with health insurance coverage will often be surprised with special emergency room charges, ambulance bills, and other deductibles and co-pays that are their own responsibility.

Special benefit features of accident insurance include direct cash payments, coverage for ambulance service, including air ambulances, and hospitalization benefits that pay in addition to any other policy.

Who is Accident Insurance for?

Families who have children. Kids tend to be accident prone, and trips to the emergency room can become very expensive.

People who have chosen alternatives to the high cost of a traditional major medical policy, but would be very open to a low-cost accident plan, especially in conjunction with a “high deductible” health savings account.

Because of their low cost, accident plans are the perfect answer to the sticker shock increasingly inherent with other health policies.

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Case Studies

Don’s StoryDon has had minor injuries in the past, including a broken thumb and a few sets of stitches.

At a recent community meeting, he overheard several neighbors mention that they had purchased accident insurance.

They talked about their policies’ cash benefits, which help with medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

On any given day, Don is at risk of suffering accidental injuries small and large—from a
broken finger to a second-degree burn to the loss of an arm. Any accident or injury would
lead to medical bills and downtime on top of everyday expenses.

If the unexpected happened, Don’s Accident Insurance benefits would add up:

Don’s injury: dislocated shoulder Benefits
Physician visit (2 visits) $100
Physical therapy (4 visits) $200
Dislocation $1,600
Laceration (2.5 inches) $200
Holly’s StoryHolly strives to be a super-mom. Even while working long hours, she manages the home and
cares for their four children. Her friends all say, “I don’t know how she does it!”Yet Holly can’t help worrying about all the “what ifs” in life. One accident could lead to physical and financial trouble.

Holly recently discussed her fears and worries with some co-workers. She listened to their experiences and advice, and then searched for information about an accident policy that pays cash
benefits to help with medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

She later suffered the following injury:

Holly’s injury: Fractured forearm and laceration Benefits
Emergency room $300
Hospital confinement (2 days) $600
Ambulance (ground) $150
Fractured forearm $1,200
Laceration requiring sutures (3 inches) $150
Physician $100