MBA Newsletter – January 2020

The holidays are over and now it’s all about you.

2020 is here and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is finally over and it’s time to focus on you! With the new year comes new adventures, possibilities, and aspirations.

January is National Hobby Month and the perfect time to try something you haven’t before.Not sure where to start? Check out this list of the top trending hobbies for 2020.

  • Hand lettering 
  • Journaling
  • Cross Stitching
  • Photography 
  • Meditation

Not ready to start something new? With the stress of the holidays behind you, it is time for some major self-care. If you have some spare time make an attempt to spend it relaxing and de-stressing. What better way to do that than by reading, traveling, getting active, or finding local activities to enjoy with your family. Whether you’re an indoor crew looking to avoid the cold or an adventurous bunch seeking a thrill, the Twin Cities has so many things to do to swat away the winter blues.  Make something great happen.

Don’t forget this is your year!

Linke to MBA Scholarship Program

Interested in saving on your Home & Auto?

This could be your year to have a healthier budget and save money on your home and auto insurance. It doesn’t hurt to get a free quote to see if you qualify for the many tiered discounts offered by the MetLife Home and Auto through MBA. We are here to help you find a local agent to work with. For more info check us out on the MBA Website or contact us at 651.358.2990

Have you heard about the enhanced MetLife U.S. mobile app?

Here is 3 Things To Know About The App:

  1. See Your ID Cards, Policy Coverages, and Recent Payment History

    This app upgrade was designed to make it easier for you to get access to what you need through a more intuitive experience. That’s why we simplified the navigation process to get to your ID cards. Additionally, you also can save your ID cards within the app.

    You can now view coverage information right from the “Policy Screen.” This means you can get simplified coverage details about your insurance policy. Not only do you get a list of the available coverage under your policy, you also get the limits and per occurrence coverage details, with definitions that are now easier to understand.

    A new feature allows you to view your payment history on the mobile app. You can now see the last five payments that were made on the policy. You weren’t able to see this information before.

  2. Request Permanent ID Cards to Be Delivered by Mail

    If you need to get ID cards, you can start the process right on your phone. You don’t have to call customer service or log in to your account on a computer. The cards will be sent via U.S. mail.

  3. Make a Payment

    Waiting in line? Add paying your MetLife Auto & Home bill t

    Finally, we’ve also updated the home and log-in screens for a more modern experience.

    To download the MetLife mobile app for both Apple and Android devices, go to the Apple or Google Play stores.

  4. You can now make a payment within the mobile app. Click the “Quick Pay” link found at the bottom of the landing page and then enter the policy type, policy number, and zip code to proceed.