Minnesota Benefits August Newsletter

The School year is around the corner!

It’s that time of year again Minnesota. Summer vacation is coming to an end, and before you know it the school year will be here. Stores are filling up everywhere with parents on the hunt to give their kids the tools for success. Whether your child is learning virtually or in class here are a few item’s you will want at home to help your student crush their lessons.

1. A reliable computer
You’ll need a reliable computer that operates at a good speed and is able to handle a variety of different programs. This doesn’t mean you have to splurge on the latest and most expensive model, but you should be able to work with minimal issues.

2. A comfortable chair
Your child may find themselves sitting in one spot for a while as they engage in online learning. With this in mind, you should have a comfortable chair that you can adjust to the right level to see your computer easily.

3. A separate workspace
Carve out a separate school area with a desk and room for your child’s binders, textbooks and other items. This will help them focus and get down to work more easily than if they were working on a couch or bed.

4. Earphones or earbuds
Getting a set of earphones or earbuds will help ensure background noise does not distract your student while they are working, and help them stay focused.

5. Printer and printer paper
Even though many assignments can be submitted online, your child may want to print items for their records or to access offline. Printing a syllabus for each course and keeping it within easy reach also assists with organization.


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