Minnesota Benefits May Newsletter

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Graduation season is here, and COVID-19 can’t steal it’s spirit! Graduates everywhere are hard at work wrapping up their school year, ready to celebrate this momentous occasion. While there may not be a traditional ceremony this year, graduating is a big deal and should be celebrated. Here are some safe ways to bring your family together to celebrate the graduate in your life.

5 virtual ways to celebrate

  1. Join an online Celebration – A wide range of streaming services such as Facebook and IheartRadio are hosting virtual graduation ceremonies, complete with speeches and musical acts.
  2. “Class of 2020” yard sign – Try out your craft skills and customize the perfect sign to let everyone on the block know your loved one is graduating this year.  
  3. Host a drive by grad party – Have your graduate dress up in their cap and gown for the big day as friends and family drive by to give them a congratulatory honk. 
  4. Virtual guest book – Everyone has a camera on their phones these days. Call the whole family and ask them to film a short message for your graduate. Knowing how much their family supports their journey can go a long way. 
  5. Host a watch party – You can’t invite every aunt, uncle and second cousin over to celebrate the big day, but you can host a virtual watch party. Crank up the pomp and circumstance as you call your graduate’s name to walk across the living room and receive their diploma.

Stay safe, healthy and connected Minnesota.  



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