As we play outside more, we urge you to be wary of your surroundings, especially in wooded areas or places with taller grass and foliage.  If you are one of the many Minnesotans who loves camping, please be wary of Tick Prevention and safety.

Good tips to always follow when having exposure are: Use chemical repellents such as DEET, tucking loose clothing like pant legs into your socks and shirts into your waistband,  and checking for ticks regularly by yourself or with a partner.

Please also remember, ticks will not only effect you, your pets are a prime target for many ticks found all over Minnesota. We recommend investing in a flea and tick collar for your pets, which you can find at your local vet, pet store, or convenience store for relatively cheap.

Please feel free to read more about Tick Information according to the MN Department of Health,  and Pet Tick Information per the American Kennel Club.

Speaking of your fury friends! 

Are you interested in learning about discounts on care, a percent back on your vet bills, and behavioral classes for your pet?  For a little more than a dollar a day, you may be able to obtain health insurance for your pet!  If interested in learning more, please review Pet Insurance options through the MBA website!