Your Benefits News: Considering travel after vaccinations?

Considering travel after vaccinations?

As more individuals are getting the vaccine, hitting the road (or sky) may become more alluring. Before you take off on your next overseas adventure, you should verify with your health insurance company if your plan includes coverage abroad.

The U.S. Department of State suggests questions to ask your insurer, including:

  • Does my plan cover returning me to the U.S. for treatment if I become seriously ill or injured?
  • Do you have requirements before emergency treatment can begin?
  • Do you guarantee medical payments abroad?

Travel Insurance vs Travel Medical Insurance

We often see the terms “Travel Insurance” and “Travel Medical Insurance” used interchangeably. Travel insurance is designed to cover cancellations, personal belongings and sometimes emergency treatment. Whereas Travel Medical Insurance is your superhero, leaping into action when you experience a serious  covered medical emergency. In some cases it can also cover inpatient treatment, check-ups, and continuing treatment of chronic conditions abroad.

Needing Travel Medical Insurance?

As a member of the MBA you have access to a variety of travel medical coverage solutions, and in most cases your travel medical insurance will cover more than just a medical emergency.

These plans may include the following features:

  • Maximum benefits up to $1,000,000 and deductibles as low as $0 per trip
  • 24/7 phone, web, mobile and telemedicine support
  • Medical, evacuation, mental health, Rx, AD&D
  • Prompt and convenient access to trusted doctors and hospitals
  • Cashless appointments and scheduling support
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